Sustaining the farming over operational performance: A study of controlled environmental agriculture in Sri Lanka

Among all other agricultural production, the average yield of greenhouse agriculture per square feet has drastically reduced during the last ten years in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, this study reviewed the emerging themes of operational performance (OPP) of sustained farmers engaged in controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) in the Uva Province in Sri Lanka. The researchers used qualitative research methodology applying the inductive approach. A sample of 5 most successful farmers in terms of longevity of undertaking agriculture and gaining a substantial harvest in CEA was selected to conduct data interviews. The data were analyzed using content analysis. The data analysis indicated four main themes: experience, family support, knowledge, and knowledge sharing as determinants of operational performance. These themes highlighted the need for a committed, knowledgeable person surrounded by a supportive family environment to sustain in OPP to sustain in CEA.