Well-being effects of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID -19): Moderating role of age

Outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID -19) is a big threat to social and economic life throughout the world. Increasing number of cases and death as well as social isolation measures against diffusion of the pandemic are predicted to lower subjective well-being of individuals. Using survey data (n=2123, Mean_age =34.37, SD_age =11.26) integrated with daily COVID-19 outcomes, the research aims to identify well-being effects of pandemic among Azerbaijan population while considering moderating role of age. Empirical findings reveal significant negative well-being impact for youth which disappears in response to age increase. Meanwhile, the pandemic could have a larger well-being effect through economic effects like fall in perceived income adequacy. Public policy makers should consider direct and indirect well-being effects of COVID-19 over youth and people with lower perceived income adequacy.